Dr Siri Lange from the Christian Michelsen Institute (CMI) and Dr Abel Kinyondo from REPOA were recently invited by the journal Extractive Industries and Society to revise and resubmit the following paper for publication: “Resource Nationalism and Local Content in Tanzania: Experiences from mining and consequences for the petroleum sector”. Read more

Photo: REPOA.

On September 28, Dr. Donald Mmari of REPOA and Prof. Sufian Bukurura of the Law Reform Commission of Tanzania presented a Working Paper entitled “Strategic Positioning of the National Oil Companies in the Context of the New Regulatory and Operating Environment”. Read more

The Royal Norwegian Embassy has committed to support the professional development of female engineers with NOK 16.4 million over the next 5 years (2016-2021). The Norwegian support will provide monthly allowance to meet the cost of subsistence for 150 female engineers during their 3-year Structural Engineers Apprenticeship Programme (SEAP). Read more

Photo: DFID on Flickr.

Researchers from REPOA and CMI are examining the prospects and challenges of Tanzania as a future petro-state through a strategic collaboration together with the National Bureau of Statistics, funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy. It is challenging to transfer natural resource wealth into improved welfare for the majority of citizens. Read more

Inhabitants of Boza village learning about the benefits of biogas plants from Noel Mollel, Chief Biogas Engineer at TDBP. 
Photo: SNV.

10,000 biogas plants to be installed in Tanzania with support from the Government of Tanzania and the Norwegian Embassy. Read more

Photo: Arusha Technical College.

Ambassador Hanne-Marie Kaarstad graced the 7th Graduation Ceremony at Arusha Technical College 16.01.2016. Read more

Photo: Fredrik Naumann .

Norad calls for proposals from civil society as part of the Oil for Development program for the period 2016 to 2018 with deadline 1 October 2015. Read more

For the second time these last two weeks, the Embassy had the pleasure of receiving a visit from the Norwegian Parliament, this time from the Standing Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional affairs. Read more

The Oil for Development (OfD) programme, launched by the Norwegian government in 2005, offers transfer of knowledge to developing countries asking for advice on how to manage their petroleum resources. Read more

Norway has a long history of cooperation with Tanzania in the petroleum sector, of which the partnership started in the 1980s. However, Tanzania became part of the Oil for Development (OfD) programme after the large offshore discoveries of gas, with the signing of a bilateral cooperation agreement (NOK 27 mill., 2013-15) between Tanzania and Norway in March 2012. Read more