Environment and Natural Resources

15.04.2008 // The Governments of Norway and Tanzania have been cooperating in the area of natural resources and tourism for many years. Norway has assisted the development of natural resources management in Tanzania since the 1970s.

The most recent support, through the Management of Natural Resources Programme (MNRP-TAN 092) started in 1994 and ended in 2006. During this period the Norwegian support to the sector amounted to around NOK 300 million. Currently, the Embassy is supporting the Ministry of Natural Resources and Toursim to get the new programme designed and launched by August 2008.

One of the main focuses of the new programme will be the effort put on ensuring good governance of the utilization and sustainable use of natural resources. A new component in the programme will be the enhanced focus on revenue collection from natural resources, and cooperation with Tanzania Revenue Authority, as well as local government and Tanzanian CSOs.

The Embassy will also increasingly work with different stakeholders to deal with issues of Climate Change and Global Warming. Initiatives from Civil Society Organisations and the Private Sector aimed at dealing with climate change will be encouraged.

Working with Development Partners

Through the Development Partner Group on Environment (DPG-E) the different partners engaged in the sector regularly come together and discuss common issues, challenges and project development. This group has during the last years put extra effort and focus on good governance in natural resource management, and the need for raising general awareness on the management of resources in Tanzania.

A study, partly funded by Norway and authorised by the Ministry of Natural Reources and Tourism was carried out by TRAFFIC in 2007 to map out the effect of increased exports of timber and the logging boom in south of Tanzania.

Traffic Report

This report can be downloaded from http://www.traffic.org/forestry/ . It points to the immense value of the forest resources in Tanzania, and how during the last years forest reserves have been exploited in an unsustainable manner. Furthermore the benefits of the export, and extraction of timber has only partly benefited the right channels, and loss of government revenue is widespread. Since this report has been jointly developed with MNRT a set of common advices is given in order to improve the sustainable and equitable management of the forest resources of Tanzania in the future. These will hopefully ensure that benefits from resources reaches the right government channels, and can help eradicate poverty and improve lives of future generations.

Due to the useful results from undertaking a task such as the Traffic study the Embassy has recently decided that a similar study will be funded, looking into the challenges and management of the Fisheries sector.


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