Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently raised questions to the Embassy.


Q: “ I  am seeking a scholarship so that i could pursue a degree in education. May you help me to get that scholarship? Or may you help me to get an organisation in your country that can help me to get a scholarship?”

Q: “Can you help to get a scholarship?”

A: The Norwegian Embassy does not have any scheme for scholarships.

Q: “Please let me know if your respective embassy do sponsor PhD students or any information that will help me to secure funds for my PhD.”

Q: “May I take this opportunity to ask for your to sponsorship in my masters degree studies which I expected to start in October… “

A: The Norwegian Embassy regrets to inform you that the Embassy does not have any scheme for sponsorship.

Q: “I request you to link me with universities and Scholarship boards in Norway so that i may be among those international students who will be granted scholarship for the academic year 2016.”

A: The Norwegian Embassy regrets to inform you that the Embassy does not have any contact list for Norwegian  Universities or Colleges and possible Scholarship schemes.

Q: “Dear Sir/Madam, Kindly receive my application,asking for the position of XXX. I attach my CV with all details about me, reference and my contacts. I am available anytime for an interview. I will appreciate for your concern.”

Q: “I was just browsing your web page and I am wondering if there are any job openings at the embassy? I hava a bachelor in economics and business...your reply will be highly appreciated…”

Q:  “I would like to work with at any position that is available."

A: The Norwegian Embassy does not consider general/unspecified job applications or CVs.  Any vacancy will be posted in local media and on our website.

Q: “I am requesting your esteemed office to avail me with volunteering work that will enhance me to learn more on international affairs…”

A: The Norwegian Embassy does not have any scheme for volunteers.

 Q: “With my knowledge, I apply for the internship in your organisation as it is my dream to work with you…”

A: The Norwegian Embassy does not have any scheme for trainees/internship for non-Norwegian citizens

 Q: “I would like to do 8 weeks practice at the Embassy for my degree…”

A: The Norwegian Embassy does not accommodate students needing practical work experience/apprenticeships.


Travel/work related questions:

Q: "Do I need a visa for travelling to Norway?"

A: You can find the answer on:

Q: "What are the requirements for getting a visa to Norway? There are different requirements that apply for the  different types of visa… What type of visa should I apply for?"

A: You can read more about the different types on :

Q: "What must be enclosed with the visa application?"

A: For details on documentation requirements for Tanzania please read:

Q: "How can I apply for a visa to Norway?"

A: You have to use the application portal:

Q: "Do I have to come to the Embassy and give biometrics (picture & fingerprints)?"

A: Yes, First-time visa applicants will always have to appear in person when lodging an application in order to provide their photograph and fingerprints. The only people exempted from the fingerprint requirement are children under the age of 12, persons for whom fingerprinting is physically impossible and heads of state and their delegations in certain circumstances. For more detailed info:

Q: "I would like to work in Norway. How can I try to find a job?"

A: Try – “Work in Norway The Official Guide” a joint site for several Norwegian Government entities (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, The Norwegian Tax Administration, The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration & the Police) :

You can also check out the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration's website:


Trade-Related Questions

Q: Which are the most interesting sectors for business opportunities?

A: The Norwegian Embassy has prepared a booklet on doing business in Tanzania which provides you with general overview of the key sectors. You may also contact Innovation Norway for more information on market opportunities.

Q: "Who can I contact if I have questions about trade with Norway?"

A: The Norwegian Embassy can be contacted on the following email address on issues related to trade:

We also suggest that you get in touch with Innovation Norway who has a regional office in Nairobi - you can read more about the East Africa office here:

You can read more about Innovation Norway here:

Q: Who should I contact for a meeting about trade?

A: You are welcome to contact the Norwegian Embassy for a meeting:

When requesting a meeting please make sure to include the following information:

  • Who you are
  • Which company you represent
  • The purpose of the meeting

Q: I need to get legal advice. Who can I get in touch with in Tanzania?

A: The Norwegian Embassy has a list of law firms. Please note that the list does not imply endorsement by the Norwegian Embassy. You may email us to get the list:

Q: Where can I find a list of Norwegian companies in Tanzania?

A: The Norwegian Embassy has a list of companies who are registered with us. However you may also check with  Innovation Norway, and Tanzania Investment Centre who holds statistics of Norwegian investors.

Here is a list of Norwegian companies in Tanzania and companies with Norwegian interests/owners in Tanzania:

Q: What kind of services does the Norwegian Embassy provide to businesses?

A: The private sector promotion section at the Embassy works in close cooperation with Innovation Norway's regional office in Nairobi. The main goal of our services in Tanzania is to promote Norwegian trade and investment, support Norwegian businesses and investors, and improve the business climate.

Q: "How can I find a particular company in Norway?"

A: Please contact the Brønnøysund Register Centre (Official Company Register) see: 

Brønnøysund Register Centre
Postboks 900
N-8910 Brønnøysund 
Tel: + 47 75007500 
Fax: + 47 75 007505 

Alternatively, Nortrade's web guide to Norway's largest overview of exporters contains updated information for over 8000 Norwegian companies that deal in export, import or other forms of international operations):

Q: "How can I find possible products to import from Norway, and who the main exporters are?"

A: Please contact Innovation Norway

Or if you are considering importing seafood try The Norwegian Seafood Export Council:

The Norwegian Seafood Export Council
PB. 6176
9291 Tromso NORWAY
Phone: + 47 77 603333
Fax: + 47 77 680012

Q: "Where can I find info on oil and gas industrial/service companies in Norway?"

A: Contact INTSOK (Norwegian Oil & Gas Partners)

P.O. Box 631, Skøyen
N-0214 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 06 14 80


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